Create a Meme Video Online

How to Make a Meme Video

Hello! Here's how to make a meme video:

  1. Paste a video URL on this page. You can also drag and drop a video file, or click the upload area to browser for a video file on your device.
  2. Add text and images using the menu that's below the video.
  3. Resposition the text, change the font and size as desired.
  4. Click "Download Video", and you're done!

Many video memes have white "padding" at the top of the video where the text goes. You can add padding to the top or bottom of the video by using the menu below the video. If you'd like black padding, or a different color, you can click "add shape", and then choose a rectangle, and position it over the white padding, and then change that rectangle's color.

Making a meme video with is absurdly easy. There's no need to sign up, and we don't add any watermarks to your video. It currently works best in Chrome and Firefox, so I'd recommend switching to one of those browsers if possible.

If you have any ideas to improve this tool, or need more help making meme videos, you can leave feedback here. Please mention the name of this page, and then the feedback you have for it, since this site has many pages. Thanks!